Circle of Care – Aria Hospice Comfort Care

Family and loved ones play a vital role during this journey. This is a huge responsibility for any one person. Our team of skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate professionals provide comfort, care, support and education for your loved ones.
Our Circle of Care team wrap around the entire support system so that every physical, emotional, social, and spiritual concern/issue is addressed. This Circle of Care restores precious time to patients and loved ones.
We are available 24/7 to help manage pain and the evolving needs during illness progression. This care extends to the family and/or caregivers so that no one ever feels alone. We offer guidance, support and empowerment to help families and/or caregivers navigate the wide range of emotions that surround this difficult time.
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Doctor / Nurse

Doctor: Patient’s primary care physician works with our Medical Director to coordinate care and manage symptoms.
Nurse: Works with the doctors to help manage symptoms and provides education and support for the family.

Home Health Aide

Assists the patient with personal care and light housekeeping. Assists the family by ensuring safe methods for providing personal care for patients.

Hospice Volunteer

Provides companionship, support and assistance to the patient and family.

Spiritual Counselor

Provides spiritual support for the patient and the family which may include coordinating faith-appropriate spiritual support.

Bereavement Counselor

Provides emotional support for family and loved ones during the grief process.

Medical Social Worker

Provides assistance with practical and financial concerns, emotional support, counseling and bereavement care.

Family and Loved Ones

The primary caregivers. Their daily care, love, and emotional support throughout this journey is beautiful and needed.