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Hospice Overview

What Is Hospice?

Hospice Care is a comprehensive family-centered program designed to provide hope, care, and comfort to individuals with a life-limiting illness.

For many people, hospice is a frightening word because it is associated with giving up hope and giving into death. In reality, hospice care provides the opportunity for reclaiming and maintaining quality of life, receiving emotional and spiritual support guiding you towards acceptance, healing and peace along this journey. 

While hope of remission and cure is never abandoned, the focus of hospice care is on creating an environment where pain and symptoms are expertly treated.

People choose hospice when they have a life limiting illness and no longer desire curative medical intervention or have been told by their medical provider they can no longer benefit from aggressive medical intervention. During the last stages of a serious illness, many people feel that they have lost control over their lives and over what will happen to them. Hospice care allows the individual and their family to make decisions about things that are important to them and helps family members manage the practical details and emotional challenges of caring for a loved one with a life limiting illness.

Guidance and support are a necessary piece of the puzzle.

Having a dedicated, compassionate, and skilled team of professionals available to assess and address the pain and \ issues that arise anytime day or night with disease progression can help make a difference in everyone’s well-being. Hospice helps families deal with the range of emotions that surround this difficult time, offering guidance support and empowerment.

When the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual pain is addressed, patients and loved ones can spend the precious time remaining concentrating on things that are important to them.